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How do I apply to FCA?

If you submit an online application, we will receive your details straightaway. Please use the email address provided You can apply to several positions simultaneously, or even send a speculative application. You can provide a different cover letter for each position chosen. Attach your other information (CV, references and other documents) 
as a file.

What is the application procedure at FCA?

The procedure depends on the position to be filled. As a rule, we do not carry out assessment centers at FCA. Normally, the first contact will be an informal telephone call. After that, there will be a maximum of two interviews with representatives of personnel and the specialist area.

I applied to FCA some weeks ago. Why haven't I had a reply yet?

When your online application is received, you will get an email from FCA confirming receipt of your application. If you have not heard from us within four weeks, this email should be considered to be a rejection.

In what regions is FCA looking for employees?

FCA is a distinctly agile and dynamic company. Most roles at FCA Switzerland SA are based in Schlieren. However, there is always the possibility of employment at other sites as well. We expect our employees to be prepared for change.

I don't currently have any professional experience in the automobile industry. Is it worth applying anyway?

People making lateral career moves are always welcome at FCA! The most important thing is to have a strong personality which is a good fit with us. We firmly believe that people with a passion for our products help FCA move forward, even if they have no experience in the sector.

Does FCA offer part-time contracts?

We offer reduced working hours to mothers who are returning to work after maternity leave. Otherwise, we have full-time contracts with our employees.

Is it possible to work with FCA in another country?

Regular internal job swapping is standard at FCA. There are often opportunities to take a job in another country. The options will be discussed in detail during individual career planning sessions. If the employee wants to have management responsibility within the company, a period working abroad is expressly desired.


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